Roman Blazek 
Jakub Michulek 


The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the Internet of Things issue from the perspective of scientists who specialize in this area. It is crucial to conduct new research on the Internet of Things because it raises awareness and improves the connectivity of other discoveries.
The purpose of this study is to estimate, based on bibliometric analysis, the most frequently used keywords associated with the term IoT in its gradual development since its inception. The purpose of this analysis is to aid new scientists in integrating IoT more quickly.
Changes in keywords associated with the term IoT over distinct time periods will be included among the anticipated outcomes. This is due to the fact that as more Internet-capable devices become available, the IoT’s applications are expanding.

Keywords: Bibliometric analysis, Internet of Things, Overview

JEL Codes: M15, M20, O00

DOI: 10.37708/el.swu.v5i1.7

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