Kehinde Adeola Olufunke


Environmental problem in Nigeria is a phenomenon that needs urgent attention from the relevant stakeholders and concerned individuals. Environmental problem in Nigeria comes in diverse ways and forms and they lead to various forms of hazards both on the citizens and the environment at large. It has been discovered that the laws put in place for regulating the environment is grossly inadequate and thus, there is a need to amend some of these laws and ensure adequate enforcement of the ones already enacted as it has been identified that there is a lack of enforcement mechanism by the bodies saddled with the responsibility of enforcing these laws already put in place. This paper examined some of the environmental problems in Nigeria and focuses mainly on pollution as a significant problem affecting the Nigeria environment. Various forms of pollution were identified, causes and effects of pollution were adequately addressed in this paper. The paper was not concluded without proffering solutions to the identified problems.

Keywords: Environment, Pollution, Environmental problem, Environmental Law, Nigeria

JEL Codes: K32, K38

DOI: 10.37708/el.swu.v3i2.2


Kehinde, A. O. (2021). Environmental problems in Nigeria: pollution in focus. Economics & Law, 3(2), 9-19. DOI: 10.37708/el.swu.v3i2.2
Kehinde, Adeola, O. 2021. "Environmental problems in Nigeria: pollution in focus." Economics & Law 3 (1): 9-19. doi: 10.37708/el.swu.v3i2.2
Kehinde, A. O., 2021. Environmental problems in Nigeria: pollution in focus. Economics & Law 3(1), pp. 9-19. doi: 10.37708/el.swu.v3i2.2
Kehinde, Adeola, O. "Environmental problems in Nigeria: pollution in focus." Economics & Law, vol 3, no.1, 2021, pp. 9-19. doi: 10.37708/el.swu.v3i2.1


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